Bible Meditation Pt 2 – Memorizing Scripture

Bible Meditation Pt 2 – Memorizing Scripture

Spiritual Discipline of Bible Meditation Pt 2 – Memorizing Scripture

(all quotes and summaries from Don S Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life)

Bible memorization is sometimes thought of as “too-hard”.  But if we had a $1000 reward for each verse memorized, we would have some very rich youth in the near future.

Better than Money?  Real benefits of memorizing scripture

“Memorization Supplies Spiritual Power”

-when you have scripture stored in your mind, it is always available for the Holy Spirit’s use.

EX: Jesus in Matthew 4:1-11

“Memorization Strengthens Your Faith”

-Proverbs 22:17-19

-“Memorizing Scripture strengthens your faith because it repeatedly reinforces the truth, often just when you need to hear it again”

“Memorization and Witnessing and Counselling”

-When you are speaking with others and have scripture memorized, the Holy Spirit can bring specific verses to your attention to share.

-Ex: New Testament authors frequently quote the OT from memory, (Peter, Acts 2:14-40)

“A Means of God’s Guidance”

-In the same way that the Holy Spirit can bring verses to you to speak to others, he can do the same to speak to you and bring you guidance.

-Ps 119:24

Ideas for how you can memorize scripture

  1. Write out the verses
  2. Draw picture reminders
  3. Memorize the Verses Word-Perfectly
  4. Find a method of Accountability (be strong in season and out of season)
  5. Review and Meditate Every Day
    1. while trying to fall asleep

“As we finish this section on the Discipline of Scripture memory, remember that memorizing verses is not an end in itself. The goal is not to see how many verses we can memorize, the goal is Godliness. The goal is to memorize the Word of God so that it can transform our minds and our lives.”