Bible Meditation Pt 3 – From Meditation to Application

Bible Meditation Pt 3 – From Meditation to Application

Bible Meditation Pt 3 – From Meditation to Application

If you were to have a cup of tea, you would need to let the tea seep for 3-7 minutes in hot water.  If you don’t put the tea bag into the hot water, you don’t get the tea.
Some of us read our Bibles without ever meditating on what it says and what it means.  But when we let the truths seep into our lives, we are changed.  One of the most important that things that we can do so that we are changed is learn how to apply God’s word in our lives.

This is made clear by Jesus in the conclusion of his very famous “Sermon on the Mount”.  He wraps up the whole talk by saying wise people will apply it to their lives, and that foolish people will not act on his words.

Matthew 7:24-27

(The following are quotations or adaptations from Don Whitney’s book, “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life”.)

  1. Expect to Discover an Application
    1. Overtime that you open your Bible expect to find a practical response to the truth of God.
    2. What does that look like to expect to find that information?
      1. How would you respond if your coach gave you an instruction?
      2. How would you remember an important instruction?
      3. “A medicine will do no good, unless it be applied.” Thomas Watson
  1. Understand the Text
    1. A misunderstanding will lead to a misapplication
    2. Context
    3. Literary Type (Historical, Poetry, Letter, Apocalyptic, Wisdom)
    4. Much of the Bible is plain and straightforward.  Our greater problem tends to be laziness in application rather than difficulty in comprehension.
  1. Meditate to Discern Application
    1. Most information (including biblical), flows through our minds like water through a sieve.  Meditating on it helps us to stop the flow and concentrate on what is being communicated.
    2. Practical Steps….

Ask Application -Oriented Questions of the Text

ex:  Does this text reveal something I should:

  • believe about God?
  • praise or thank or trust God for?
  • pray about for myself or others?
  • have a new attitude about?
  • make a decision about?
  • do for the sake of Christ, others, or myself?

HABIT:  After meditating on God’s word, consciously commit yourself to at least one action to take in obedience.