•  Buy things for their usefulness and not their status.
  • Reject anything that causes an addiction in you.
  • Give something away.
  • Receive what we have as a gift from God.
  • What we have is to be cared for by God.
  • Make your goods available to others.


  • Take notice of places in your life where godliness has led to joy.
  • Begin your day with thankfulness to God, and end your day with praise.
  • Eliminate all complaining in life. Simply refuse to complain.
  • Decide to set your mind on the higher things of life (ex-Phil 4:8)  (R. Foster, Celebration of Discipline, Pg 195)
  • Have some fun celebrating things you may not have celebrated before with one condition, authenticity. (Don’t fake a celebration for something that is not worthy).


  • Prayerfully read your bible daily, (lectio divina)
  • When you speak with other people, care more about their good than your objective.
  • Pray and evaluate yourself using this question, “What am I doing that would make it reasonable for God to speak to me”
  • Take initiative to be a good worker at home (as part of a family/community) in Jesus name.

Bible Meditation

  •  Memorize Your favourite Bible passage.
  • Read the Bible using your imagination.
  • Reorganize your priorities from a perspective of Holy Leisure.